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Chattanooga Navy Week Garners Over 6 Million Impressions

September 19, 2018

The Navy Office of Community Outreach held the 2018 Chattanooga Navy Week on June 11-18, 2018. Navy Week centered on…

The Navy Office of Community Outreach held the 2018 Chattanooga Navy Week on June 11-18, 2018. Navy Week centered on Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival.

There were more than 100 events that took place during the week that resulted in over 6 million impressions.

Coverage of the 2018 Chattanooga Navy Week was triple that of a similar event held two years ago.

“Chattanooga Navy Week was a huge success,” said LT David Carter. “The coverage and participation exceeded our expectations and we appreciate the warm welcome the Navy received in Chattanooga.”

The 6,266,507 impressions were broken down as follows:

  • In-person impressions: 549,622
  • Online impressions: 578,110
  • Print impressions: 452,016
  • Broadcast impressions: 996,883
  • Social Media impressions: 3,689,876

Leading up to Navy Week, Derryberry Public Relations was brought in as the in-city planner. This was Derryberry’s second time planning a Navy Week in Chattanooga and contributed in many ways such as media relations and community relations – connecting Navy Week assets with key audiences and stakeholders.

Events during Navy Week were categorized as general, education, media, community relations, civic, corporate, veteran and government. The band made appearances on multiple stages during Riverbend and also performed at various community events throughout the week.

In attendance was Rear Admiral Paul Pearigen, Commander, Navy Medicine West. Admiral Pearigen participated in various Navy Medicine engagements including a tour of Erlanger Hospital as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. He also presented at multiple civic group meetings including Rotary and Civitan. 

Other participating assets included the Navy Office of Small Business, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group, Naval Recruiting District Nashville, USS Constitution, USS Tennessee, Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron, Navy Oceanography/Meteorology Command and others.

We are proud of the “big splash” Navy Week made in Chattanooga this year!

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