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When a large box retailer announced plans to open a neighborhood market in a quiet community, our firm was retained to provide factual information to combat misinformation being shared by a competing firm to which would allow elected officials to support the project based upon fact.

Elements of the plan

  • Community Outreach: Our firm planned and facilitated numerous community meetings to share plans for the project, answer questions and document the desires of the community to the developer.
  • Social Media Relations: It was important for facts about the plan to be shared on a consistent basis. We established a presence on social media that served as a repository for information and answered questions from the community.
  • Polling: We researched the number of individuals who voted in the last general election in the district. We took 10% of that number to establish a solid number of answers we would need to have to provide information to elected officials voting on the project. With 78% of respondents noting their support of the project, elected officials had the political coverage needed to support the project.

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