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Grand Opening
of Manufacturing Facility

Chattanooga | Atlanta

When an international manufacturer located to Chattanooga, Tennessee, they needed to provide a very grand opening celebration to customers coming to town from around the world. Our firm was selected to plan and implement the four-day event.

Elements of the plan

Budget Oversight
Our firm was tasked with overseeing every invoice generated for the event to make sure the charges were accurate, submitted and paid in a timely manner.

Event Logistics
With events planned over a multi-day period and customers being housed at four different hotels, our firm was tasked with providing a MASTER ITINERARY for the event as well as individual itineraries for key personnel and customers attending the event. Itineraries were detailed in five minute increments and shared in both English and French.

Logistic Efforts included

Event Infrastructure
Lighted, air-conditioned tents with carpeted floors and entry ways featuring French doors.
Specialized Port-O-Lets: Structures were selected from Atlanta that featured air-conditioned units with video screens and seating.

Our firm was responsible for selecting caterers to provide options from a light breakfast to a five-course meal at the Hunter Museum of Art with wine pairings.
Entertainment Live music and an artist creating company themed portraits were integral in providing entertainment for guests.

The ‘Cave’
There’s nothing hotter or more humid than a June day in Chattanooga. With this in mind, we planned and implemented a ‘cave’ that featured uplighted ice sculptures within the event bar area with white leather couches and jazz music to set the tone for ‘cool’ end to the gala.

Chattanooga did not offer the type of furnishings requested by the client, so ‘ghost chairs’, fine china, crystal an utensils were trucked from Atlanta.

International Media
The manufacturing facility hosted press from around the world to cover the opening and to explore the significant regional ties to various nuclear facilities. The firm was responsible for coordinating regional media tours to garner secondary media coverage to complement primary stories about the facility.

Local Editorial
Key members of the international team were prepared for an editorial board meeting with local media.


Customer Security
With so many executives attending the event, a security plan was
developed for key executives from the time of arrival to departure from Chattanooga.

The company’s introduction to her new hometown and state had to be a strong one. Our team met with the Chair of the State of Georgia’s Government Committee and arranged to have the company’s birthday declared as a day of honor in the state. Photo ops of product delivery to the Governor of Georgia as well as members of the Assembly were done.

Elected Officials
Working with the staff of the Governor, Members of Congress and other local elected officials, a detailed security plan and holding area was defined to maintain their security.

Southern Belles
As part of the ‘Southern Experience’ a bar-be-cue was planned aboard Chattanooga’s Southern Belle. International customers were excited to have a photo op with young ladies dressed in traditional southern attire

Our firm developed a transportation plan for key executives and groups touring various facilities and sites throughout the region. Using 27 limousines, four executive coaches, and 10 towncars, customers were safely transported throughout their stay.

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